Why Delay, Load Today!

📛⚠JHB – M2 Highway: FULL CLOSURE from 06:00 Friday 1st March 2019 – motorists without a plan to avoid it will be diverted onto CBD routes – HEAVY DELAYS / CONGESTION is forecast #M2Closure—

🚑Emergency and Traffic in South Africa ⚠ 📛⚠📛⚠📛⚠


Clients to please take note of the following :

    • *    NO loose cargo will be handled whatsoever. Packaging to conform to Safety and Transit regulations. Cargo must be palletized and wrapped securely PRIOR to loading – senders responsibility.
  • **  Non-palletised cargo HIGH GIT (Goods-in-transit) RISK!

Cart Blanche Marketing (CBM) was established in 1992 as a reliable express collection and delivery logistics service. Then run and owned by a couple who both came from a strong automotive background.

With a 24/7, one number call service, we have targeted our client’s problematic areas, providing an efficient service to all major automotive industry clients. Not only have we improved the “up times” on production lines, we have also achieved great success in offering clients a viable alternative to air-freight. Knowing that sales may be delayed or cancelled due to non-supply or late deliveries, it is of great importance that our transport network be of a high standard.

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