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CBM supporting the SPCA!
Donovan Airey adopted this adorable puppy !

August is Women’s Month!

Happy Women’s Day!
9th August 2019

📛⚠JHB – M2 Highway: FULL CLOSURE from 06:00 Friday 1st March 2019 – motorists without a plan to avoid it will be diverted onto CBD routes – HEAVY DELAYS / CONGESTION is forecast #M2Closure—

🚑Emergency and Traffic in South Africa ⚠ 📛⚠📛⚠📛⚠


Clients to please take note of the following :

    • *    NO loose cargo will be handled whatsoever. Packaging to conform to Safety and Transit regulations. Cargo must be palletized and wrapped securely PRIOR to loading – senders responsibility.
  • **  Non-palletised cargo HIGH GIT (Goods-in-transit) RISK!