Driver Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you better. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.

This survey has been designed to research the views and attitudes of all drivers in our business.

To maximize benefits from the survey and achieve the objectives stated below we need your co-operation in providing your honest opinion when responding to the statements incorporated in the main body of the questionnaire. It is also important that you respond to all statements, where applicable.

Please assist us by filling out a customer service survey after you have received service from any of our drivers. You may forward this survey to us as an attachment in an e-mail or it may be printed and scanned back to us.

Survey Objectives 

The objectives for the survey are as follows:

  1. To assist in developing this aspect of our business by determining those aspects that could cause  dissatisfaction amongst drivers and take action to improve them.
  2. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards of Health & Safety and duty of Care regarding company vehicles and their drivers.
  3. To improve the nature and consistency of quality standards of service delivered to our drivers.


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Person Completing Survey :

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Please respond to each statement by assessing the extent to which you agree or disagree using a 5 point scale and placing a tick √ in the appropriate box.

Try to avoid ticking the middle box unless you are genuinely unsure.


Did the driver arrive on time as per arrangement for collection?
Strongly AgreeAgreeUnsureDisagreeStrongly Disagree

Was the driver dressed in the correct safety wear?
Strongly AgreeAgreeUnsureDisagreeStrongly Disagree

Was the driver Friendly and Eager to assist you at your company?
Strongly AgreeAgreeUnsureDisagreeStrongly Disagree

Did the Driver adhere to your companies yard rules?
Strongly AgreeAgreeUnsureDisagreeStrongly Disagree

Was the driver knowledgeable and well briefed?
Strongly AgreeAgreeUnsureDisagreeStrongly Disagree

Was the vehicle up to standards (solid floors/solid curtains etc. )
[radio* vehicle-up-to-standards "Strongly Agree" "Agree" "Unsure" "Disagree" "Strongly Disagree"]